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Can't seem to properly boil/scoop eggplant :(

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As the title says. I've tried boiling eggplant twice now. Both times it's come out soggy on the outside and uncooked on the inside. It doesn't sink, and is frustrating to try and turn around to boil properly.

The biggest issue is that once it's cooked and tender, after running under cold water, the insides are still hard as rocks and I can't even scoop it out, which is what I need to do for what I want to cook.

I have a steamer, but it's not big enough to do the eggplant. I'd be okay microwaving it, but I'm still concerned as to what I really need to do.

Please help?


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I never boil aubergine. I always either oven roast it and then scoop out the flesh to use in other dishes - or slice and fry it - or add it to dishes like moussaka - or chop and add to a ratatouille.

Out of curiosity - why are you boiling it?
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Hey Nick. its like water boiling water. Eggplant is full of water. I would cut it in half and bake it like a squash. Peel off the top and spoon off the meat. I just got done starting my eggplant plants, looking forward to many days of eatting Eggplant Parm.
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Hmm - that's just what the recipe called for - basically it says to boil them for 7 minutes, cut them lengthwise, scoop out the insides and then fill it with the mixture that was made.

Basically it's "stuffed eggplant"

so I need to have the insides out and the shells prepared for "stuffing"
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Hey Nick, It needs to be scooped out raw and leaving a small amount so the shell holds its shape when baked. Cook the scooped out center part in boiling water till tender.
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Hey Nick another good tip. After scooping out the center and leaving some of the meat in the shell, salt and turn over on paper towels to drain off some of the water.
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Okay - great suggestions, thanks!

So - question, what is your suggestion for the actual "scooping"? I don't have anything fancy other than a spoon
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If a spoon is all you have then its the tool of choice. Just be happy your not a beach, you would be using a shell. Good luck and let me know how your stuffed eggplant turned out. ...............take care........Bill
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There are lots of different sorts of eggplant. You're probably using a different kind than the recipe writer did. At a guess, (s)he used an asian type -- which are long, thin and cook quickly.

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I have never heard of boiling an eggplant - so I went surfing.
not to say I found every recipe every written, but anything about 'boiling' eggplant starts with cutting it up - cubes, slices, short lengths (long varieties)
which makes me think perhaps a few phrases got left out of the recipe...?

and secondly, a ripe eggplant is not hard as a rock inside - could be another issue
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