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I have just made a chicken pie for dinner tonight, puff pastry, chicken breast, celery, leek, carrot, potato.seasoning and few herbs.
had a little pastry over so made my husband 4 of his favourite out of hand pastries, fly pie's.
puff pastry rolled to about 6 or 7 inch circles, with a good dab of butter in the centre, then a good spoonful of sugar and a generous handful of currants, fold in edges and seal, turn over press lightly mist with water a good shake sugar a few slits in top and bake. yum... qahtan
not elegant but taste good.;-)))))qahtan

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A sort of Eccles cake, Qahtan?

We used to make lost of 'flies cematry' cakes when I was a girl - sweet shortcust pastry with lots of sultanas, currants and some orange zest (sometimes with a little addition of pieces of apple, too). Served with custard (always Bird's, not 'real' stuff) it was a school lunch staple!
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