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Hello all,

I am completely new to the forums and hope that I am posting in the right section. I was a culinary school student (in NYC) and have been out of school for over a year. I have yet to find a job due to my lack of experience and a slightly tarnished background. It seems that it was a bad move graduating from school right as the economy took a swan dive..

I would like to reach out to you guys to see if there is any advice you could give someone who has a passion for this field but unfortunately no network connections. Is there a website i could look at for intern/externships for a person who has been out of school? or is there an organization that i should become affiliated with. Its all about getting your foot in the door.. The funny part is that i completely feel like that old APEX tech commercial.. "I can't get experience without a job/i can't get a job without experience" LOL!!

I have attempted to go back to my school but the culinary program has been discontinued at my school and it seems I'm out of luck and most of their networking events have only students from their other arts programs.

Any advice is welcome :chef:
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Personally I would find a restaurant that I want to work in write a cover letter to the chef, add a CV and ask to do a stage, or work for free that is, for a week a coupla days a week or what ever you can manage. A its gonna be good experience and B you never know a chef might leave you could get a job, or you might find a connection to a job from there. Either way you get a hand in in the kitchen and no chef is gonna turn down free labour!
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This is the best way to show your motivation. then you will find out the network. if you work well may be the chef will hire you later or recommend where to work for you.

I have sent so many of CV and walk in to ask for a job. There are many good restos in NYC. one of them will give you a job.

good letter to a chef can give you a big positif to get a job. write it carefully.

good luck
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