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ChefJimK says hello

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Hi. Thanks for having me. I currently own and operate my own restaurant in the Williamsburg Virginia area. I've been cooking for 31 years now, time goes quickly. I specialize in soups and wild game cooking. In the process of changing our menu for it's seasonal change. My place in a little 1905 farmhouse, 10 tables inside, 6 outside weather permitting. Fine dining in a recession is a bit of a challenge, but this to shall pass.
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Hello and welcome to cheftalk. You will see that many of our members are professionals like yourself. We even have an area specifically for professionals and I hope you will enjoy reading old posts and then feel free to join in on any threads that are of interest to you and perhaps even start your own topics, too!

I love game - particularly grouse and pheasant, but also venison.
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