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Lolita's Lust In Toronto

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Has anyone ate at Lolita's Lust in on Danforth in Toronto?

Romantic Restaurant Toronto

This is one of the top resturants I've been to up there. Its got a lot of Italian and Greek influence on the menu, but everything is done with a twist, making this a really great restaurant in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Plus the atomosphere is really "unique" making this a must do, dining experience.
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Just east of the Death Valley Parking Lot, I see.
Never been there but the menu looks interesting.
My fav Greek joint was the Athena a little further east...never had a bad experience.

I'll have to try Lolitas next time I get back up there
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Yup, parking was a little scarce, I got there earlier though, like around 5:30, so I didn't have a problem finding a spot.

I'll have to check out the Athena.
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Abe, are you in town?
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Not anymore, I go up there about once a month though.

Are you in the downtown area?

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Yup! Where else have you dined?
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Spencer's in Burlington, which was good, I think they got a new chef, because I was there a couple years ago and it sucked, I decided to give them another try though.

Romagna Mia Osteria Pizzeria, I went there for Winterlicious.

Marcel's Bistro

Those were both good.

Panorama Indian Restaurant in Mississauga was pretty good too, I think the wife is the waitress and the husband is the cook, the food doesn't come out lightning fast, but its worth the wait. Their spiced black tea is good too.

The other restaurants I've went to there weren't that good.

Hand's down, I'd say Lolita's Lust is the best restaurant I've been to in the Toronto Area, their presentation is also very good. I was talking to the owner, he has a degree in business and his family has always been in the restaurant business, all of the items on the menu are his own recipies.
Some of the platings can be seen here: Fine Toronto Dining At Lolita's Lust
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I haven't been to LL in about 10 years... WHat can I say, there's so much to choose from in T.O.! Well, not exactly... I'm going to Nota Bene tonight for the third time in 2 months..... :D

Let me know next time you're in town; we should have coffee. Or whipped Berkshire fat on a cracker or something.
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Will do :)
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Noticed everything is a la carte, may try hitting it for a birthday or something. If you're in the mood for Italian, I find Marcellos (on St. Clair West by Dufferin) and Positanos (I think its on Mt. Pleasant south of Eglinton) is hard to beat in my opinion.
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I grew up just off Queen west..Village by the Grange.
Do you guys remember Lickin Chicken? By the Way Cafe...Bloor and Brunswick.
LOL I used to run that place...seems like 100 years ago.

What about The Wet Paint Cafe on Young and St Clair? Remember that?
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You mean at Lolita's Lust?

$5 CAD for a side, that’s a bargain. In Chicago, comparable restaurants will be $10-12 USD for a side. I shared the Feta Scallop Potatoes last time I went, that is actually a pretty large portion, so it was only $2.50 for a side/pp. We also shared the shrimp appetizer and shared a dessert.

The good thing about Lolita's is they don't skimp on the portion size. There's restaurants that are twice as expensive and give you half the portion size.

I'll check out those 2 restaurants you mentioned.
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One more place that I forgot to mention is Oregano Pizza, in Oakville, they have great pizza, and recently they just started serving about a million flavors of Gelato.
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There was a shooting there last fall. I'm sure that was after you left ;)
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