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G'Day all from Oz

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This is my first post, the site looks great.
I am a home cook, dabbler in the Kitchen.
I have an interest in simple tasty cooking and some knowledge regarding Knives and blade Steels.


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G'day Grunter (interesting name, do you play tennis?!)

I'm a keen amateur cook, too - and there are all levels of culinary expertise on here, from 'can't boil water' to masterchefs.

I've got a lot of family in Australia and will be visiting in Feb/March of next year for the umpteenth time. I was due to go for Christmas, but the temps there THIS past Christmas gave this fair skinned, red-headed Scot pause for thought!

Jump in on any of the threads that are of particular interest, or start your own. We just ask that only professionals post on the part of the forum set up especially for their use. However, I hope you will read those fora too, as I've gleaned quite a lot of interesting facts from doing just that!
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Thanks for the kind welcome Ishbel.
No not a Tennis player just an old nickname from my younger days.
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hello grunter nice to know you..
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Welcome from Oz....its a great board....see you later donnaj
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