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Readying recipes  

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Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions.

In "Cooking," one of the many things I enjoyed most was the simplicity of each recipe. So many times in other books, I come across recipes in which there are a half dozen ingredients that only marginally add any flavor or texture to the final product. But you seem to have produced recipes that are already parsed down to the most essential elements, while not sacrificing one ounce of flavor. (I love that!)

So, I am very interested to learn about your process of readying recipes for publication. Do you tend to start with recipes that were more complex and eventually simplify them? Or do you tend to start with building blocks and accent them bit by bit until the flavor is just right? And are these final recipes pretty much what you would use at home?

Again, thank you for taking time out for us here at Cheftalk. Your time here is truly appreciated.
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Readying Recipes

HI. Thank you for your input. I sometimes pair down recipes that have ingredients that are hard to come by or if the ingredient makes only a subtle addition. This gets especially tricky when using fresh herbs because I love fresh herbs and want to share about them. But mostly this isn't done intentionally, rather it just comes out that way when I'm concentrating on making things simple. Hope this helps.

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