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Sauce making trends  

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I am a saucier so I have a lot of questions for you. :)

What are some of the trends that you see are coming about in recent years especially with the full court press of molecular gastronomy? Will some of the new techniques influence you to update your classic "Sauces". Great book by the way.
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I have no particular question, but I'd just like to say that your book "Sauces" has done more than any other book to teach me what technique really means -- and how to learn and execute it. Thank you!
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Unfortunately much of Molecular Gastronomy leaves me behind despite having just interviewed Herve This in Paris. I think the main sauce making trend is to eliminate the cream and butter and serve foods with infusions of flavor or with natural jus. This requires foods to be surrounded with sauces rather than masked with them and has resulted in all sorts of fancy bowls and plates being designed to contain the sauce.
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