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I am going to kick myself later when I think of a good question to ask you, but right now my mind is too cluttered with my work :P.
At least I can take this opportunity to thank you, semi-personally, for your works.
Splendid Soups was very important to me when I was beginning to cook, and then Sauces. I've read Fish & Shellfish, still want Cooking and a couple others. I enjoy and appreciate your writing style.
Anyway, thank you for your books, and thank you for coming to the forums. I look forward to reading the threads here when I get some free time.
Now, back to work!
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Thank you for your acknowledgment of my work. I hope you'll get a chance to look at "Cooking" although it sounds like you might be beyond it. I have a baking book coming out this fall and a meat book next year. I wish you the best.
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