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Up and Coming Regionally-Based Sauces  

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Thank you so much for Sauces. I'm a culinary student and last year I was in Soups, Stocks and Sauces class without a textbook (none required). I went to the library found your book, bought it immediately and sold a good portion of my classmates on it because there was no better way to organize and describe the 5 and their variations/derivatives.

What do you see as the new and exciting region(s) in the world based on the region's sauces and their combination of flavors?
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It seems that more and more chefs are applying classic sauce making techniques to "ethnic" cuisines such as Moroccan, Indian, Japanese etc. As concerns regional sauces, there are certainly plenty of them in Europe but here, we don't have long traditions of cooking in certain regions and our regional foods (and especially sauces) are limited.
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