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Well I have let the mother go for about 2 1/2 weeks now. It smeels good and sour. This last time I made bread the dough didn't rise like in batched previous, tastes great looks the same. I put back same amount that I take out of my mother. Is the yeast not up to par? Is it not warm enough in the house to let it rise properly?
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I am assuming the 2 1/2 weeks were in the fridge? When is the last time you fed it?After such a long time the yeast will hibernate, so it could take longer to activate, process, and reproduce.

The yeast is regional, so depending on where you are and what varietal strain the yeast is will affect your rising time. So will recipe, weather, and temperature, which is definitely a factor, but it will rise in a cool house. The fridge will really slow the process, but not stop it. If rising time concerns you, put the oven on low and leave it to rise on the back of the stove so it's warm.

My breads usually take 24 hours for the rise/punch down/rise process, but there are so many factors, I'm not worried. My mother is about a year old and going strong. ( I always feel funny saying that. My wife will call from work, "what are you doing?" "Putting my mother back in the fridge.")

I've let mine go for more than two weeks before, just let it work at room temp for a couple hours before returning the keeper half to the fridge.
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