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Caring for Global knife

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I'm not a knife hound like some of y'all and have used the same two knives (a Henkels which was a gift, and a Wusthof) for years. As I've mainly worked in pastry or as a private chef, having a plethora of great knives was never as important as owning every size

and every size

I bought my Global chef and I love it. According to the Global website, one should NEVER hone their knife on anything other than a Global steel. Ditto the recommendation for sharpening on a stone. Together, these two items, if purchased from Global, total more than the knife itself.

Should I consider these recommendations dogma and refrain from touching my knife to any steel that doesn't have a Global name on it?
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The Global steel, or "honing rod," if you will, is on the mediocre side of mediocre. A very good ceramic hone for the price, and better than the Global, is the Idahone fine 12". Around $25.

The Global whetstone is a Mino 1000#. Decent, but not great -- especially considering the price. There are better, there are less expensive, and quite a few which are both. You might find a 1000# Naniwa Super Stone from Tools for Working Wood to be a better, cheaper stone. If you're good at sharpening on stones, it would be a good idea to add a 5,000# to your stone set. You might also consider a combination stone of lesser quality and lower price -- at least until you have a better idea of which grits suit you best and until you get used to the maintenance routine waterstones demand.

If you don't know how to sharpen a knife on a waterstone maybe we should talk about that.

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The only part of this that should be taken seriously is if you make a comparison to a pull-through sharpener with a pre-set edge angle. Most such sharpeners are set with about a 22-degree angle, where your Global comes with about a 15-degree bevel. If you use a 22-degree pull-through, you're going to have a mediocre edge by comparison to what this knife can take. Other than that, ignore what they say and listen to BDL.
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Thank you for all the great info. Just what I was looking for. I've been maintaining my other knives on my stone for years so I'm ok on all that. Like I said, the Global folks made me so neurotic about using their products exclusively, that I've been afraid to try anything else.

Thanks again! I'm going to google those products you listed.
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Yes, I know about the angle, which is another reason why the recommendations made me nervous. I would not use a pull through sharpener.

Thanks for your great feedback!
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