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Any Mexican Chefs here?

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I own a mexican take out restaurant in a small tourist town. I want to make Sopes and was wondering if after the initial cooking and forming, can I hold them in the refrigerator until frying to order? Or will they dry out?

Also, contemplating on making fresh flour tortillas, now I used store bought ones. I make very unique and gourmet fillings as well as traditional ones. It is only me cooking. How much extra time will it take to make 40 flour tortillas a day? I know it would be worth it but I don't have too much extra time as it is now.

Thanks for any advice!


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You could refrig the sofe and reheat for service which wouldn't be aproblem but Freshly made and cooked always taste better in my opinion.Just cover with a damp cloth. But the question is how many you serve each day.If serving many i would pre make them.

flourTortellas are very easy to prepare. Once you get the hang of it you should be able to make 40 in 30 min once dough is made and rested. Personally I would try to find a mexican lady who knows how to make them well. We had one at our restaurant and **** customers could get enough . She prepared them fresh for each customer. She even did the corn tortellas and they are a ***** to make.
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