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Stick burner vs pellets for flavor

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Well my big pit went down the road to a new owner and I have downsized into a Traeger 070. Not quite the same flavor as an all wood fire but definitely better than charcoal/wood chunks. So far I have tried chicken, steak, and ribs. Going to do a brisket if this weather ever clears up. I will say that not having to tend fire every half hour is a lot easier on my back/shoulder injuries :lol:
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You got the Li'l Tex? Great small pit!

I don't think you'll see any fall off in overall quality once you get used to the new one. Amazing when you consider how much size (usually) matters. My pellet burning friends say that if, sometimes you don't get the lucky perfect smoke, it's balanced by a bump in consistency.

Enjoy your new cooker in good health,
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Is there much of a learning curve switching to pellet cookers?
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Yes, not wandering outside every half hour to check the fire is a hard habit to break :lol: I have noticed some minor timing changes but other than that its pretty easy.
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Nice smoker! I took a lok-see at it on their website.

I have a Sam's Club propane smoker I purchased a few years ago. Not exactly the one I wanted but the price was right especially considering it's stainless steel. ;)

So do you get a good smoke outta the pellets? I have been using wood chips soaked in this one but they are a pain in the arse and was looking at the pellets for the flavor. The smoker I have has 2 drawers that sit over the burner and it really does need constant fussing with. Part is the technique I use because I ike to cold smoke things for a good bit of time before I finish things off and part is the smoker itself. So with these pellets, can you get a good long burn on low or do they flash once they reach their temp. The wood chips basically flash so it's a struggle to keep them wet, the drawers filled and the chips from falling out of the drawers onto the burners, ground and everywhere else.

I did order a bag from Bass Pro Shops. 20lb for 18 bucks. Not bad considering the chips were 4 bucks a bag and only 1-2lbs at best too. Have a BBQ for the neighborhood coming up next month so that'll be te big test. Let me know what else you find along the way and I'll try and share some insights as well.

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The pellets will likely smolder and not ignite. In the Traeger there is a fan forced air system into the fire pot.
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Found a Traeger at the Local ACE Hardware. They sell the pellets too. Had to pick up a bag of Oak since I use a Hickory/Oak mix.

They seem to work pretty good although I do get some ignition. Just need to monitir things. Good thing I can set up a chair out there under the unbrella. Lousey day weather wise to smoke but it is cool and that gives me better control over the box temp.

Anyhow the first 12 racks are in our smoker. Made a make-shift rack out of hardware cloth to try and get a better exposue than just a flat rack. So fa so good. Snapped a couple of pics too. I'd look into a traegr down the road but for now the one we have is bought and paid for and should anything else go wrong, I can always get some help to add a side mount fire box or just keep getting replacment parts. :smiles:

Later all.

Our smoker. The tub is Hickory pellets and the bag has oak.

the first 12 racks.
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Unique rib racks :lol: looks good. I know someone here in MN who is using an old commercial fridge as a smoker with a propane burner. He turns out some good looking food. Those cat litter buckets sure are handy aren't they? :lol: You could keep an eye out for some traeger parts and turn it into a pellet burner or order the fire pot assembly along with the hopper and auger.
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The things we use to smoke huh?????;) I remember using an old proofing cabinet at one place. :cool: Even turned a broken down gas grill into a wood fired one once.

I just pulled the first 12 off and strated the next 6 here are a couple of shots of the first 12. Brisket tomorrow if I can move around (after today. Ugh!!:suprise:)

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Dangit, now I want ribs again and its going to rain the next 2 days :lol: I have a brisket in the freezer for when it warms up a bit. Was going to do it this weekend but lows in the 30's changed my mind. About a 12 pounder so I am guessing 18 hours at 225.
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Those ribs do look tasty :lips: Nice racks too!

Congrats on the new smoker Mary! So glad everything seems to be going well for you and your new smoker :D

keep on smokin'!
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