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Just won a contest to be on Martha radio with Emeril wed!

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in NYC. **** if I ever win anything!
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That's so Bamtastic!
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
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Hey hey... is it going to be broadcast and if so where can we listen to the stream?

Don't forget your friends here! :D :D
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If you have Sirius/XM
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Ick nope. Oh well.. have fun! :)
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I have to congratulate you for the op but Martha Radio? Umm err uhhh......never mind. At least ya have Emeril to talk to. Yea at one time I considered him ahh never mind again.......but I have to say after a couple things I've learned in the last few years he is a straight up kinda guy. Definitely earned my respect (not that it means much but.....hehehe) Still can't get over the grilled cheese and salami on the tail-gate episode oh so many years ago. Get's me to chuckle every time I think of it. But a lot of time has passed and what he did for his staff (and others) after Katrina!!!!!!! Aces man!

Enjoy yourself none the less!
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I'm not sure which one is worse, Martha or Emeril. Haha. They're both equally irritating, I think. The two of them together would make the experience worthwhile in itself. I'm envious of you just for the stories you'll have.
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Ask Martha if she has any "insider" tips on how to make money investing in the bad economy, then casually mention to Emeril that you think Bourdain is the best chef ever. :p
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My father-in-law worked for Emeril at NOLA for a couple of years. Never really talked to him much, of course: Emeril was mostly at his main restaurant in the Warehouse District or doing celeb things.

My father-in-law learned that a fair number of the chefs and cooks who despise him do so because they think he steals dishes: he'll serve something he ate at someone else's restaurant. The fact that he generally indicates this -- his recipes and menus will say where he got the dish and from whom -- isn't sufficient to justify the practice for a lot of people. I think one has to make up one's own mind about that.

Apparently he's a good boss: honest, reliable, supportive, consistent, and not pushy.

I don't like his manner on TV much either, but that's a TV character he's created, not the guy himself. And like it or not, the Emeril TV character is extraordinarily popular with an awful lot of people.
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If it were not for Emiril there would never have been a food channel. The guy knows his onions. To run Commanders Palace doing upward of 500 lunch and 800 dinners a day is quite a fete. Credit where credit is due.
As for Martha, thats another story.
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What will you talk about with them? Don't forget to mention cheftalk!!

I think it's super classy to serve some one else's dishes and give them credit for their recipe. What a wonderful way to tribute other chefs! It's the fancy version of serving something at home and saying "I got this recipe from my friend Sara." I don't love Emiril's tv personna but I've tried several of his recipes and was very pleased.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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I agree with you. Just to give the other side, though: some feel that you shouldn't serve someone else's dishes period, unless that person is no longer serving it for whatever reason. It's fine to be inspired, and it's classy to credit that inspiration, but you don't serve other people's dishes in your own restaurant.
His first cookbook, New New Orleans, is excellent -- lots of great recipes, clear explanations, very easy to get terrific results. Also a lot of interesting, novel ideas -- novel at least when the book came out (late 80s, I think). Savory cheesecakes, for example. I have heard that the later cookbooks are very spotty, but I haven't read any so I can't say from personal experience.
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There's not a lot "new" in the world....most has been done before.

in any case, i don't think I'll actually be "on" air....just in the studio for the taping, and hopefully eating.

I've only eaten at 1 of Emerils places in New Orleans, about 2 years ago, the one in the warehouse district, and it was very good.
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have fun!

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I give Emiril credit for actually showing how to cook the dishes on his show compared to all the contest/reviews/other crap FoodTV is showing now. Chopped is totally boring with strange off the wall ingredients, Diners Drive ins and Dives is getting boring because its the same crap week after week, etc.
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So, basically we got there at 2pm, and ate with Emeril in the lobby, the caterers cooked a bunch of food from his new cookbook, so a bunch of ribs, chicken wings, sliders, etc. then the show was 3-5, it was a live call in show and we sat in the studio with a few other people.

every commercial break they brought in more beer and food.

Got a pretty bad-assed giftbag with an all-clad emeril pan, the new book, and a few other things.

Emeril is a pretty cool guy, I thought the TV thing was just him being a good TV/acting personality, but he's that enthusiastic and excited even when eating lunch.....and curses like a sailor. Has some pretty good stories too.

I kinda went into the thing with a "pfft, he's just a silly TV chef" kinda like most of the thoughts on this thread.... and came out with a different perception...dude genuinely loves cooking and food, and dude knows a lot about food. and, he curses like a sailor and has some pretty good stories! You'd think the show was "setup" with the calls being phoney and not live...but, they were live, was a pretty simple setup for the show...just 1 producer person and emeril....thats it....calls came in and he picked them up pretty much not knowing what they were going to ask, they weren't really screened.

For all you Top Chef fans Andrea from season 1 sat behind us in the studio as well...

and for all you Howard Stern show fans, Sal, Jason, and Richard joined us for lunch too.
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Great pictures, as I said in my previous post, if it were not for Emirril The food network would not be where it is today. The guy is an actual chef not a pretty boy star like Flay or Symon, he knows his onions. When he ran kitchen of Commanders Palace, it ran very well.
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Sounds like a great afternoon, and one more milestone for your journey as a food enthusiast. I'm happy for you guys.

I've always liked a lot of things about Emeril, and can't say I'm really surprised about anything you said about him. Like a sailor really? Not so much like a marine?

Your fan,

PS. Tell Laurie I've got a bottle of soju in the fridge for her.
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Nice! :beer::beer::beer::beer:
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