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choosing a culinary school

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i am in the process of working on my culinary schools application. (baking and pastry degree)

after much searching i have narrowed my choice to three schools: CIA, J&W and FCI.
my main choices are the first two since they offer a BPS degree the FCI is mainly as a fall back option in case i won't be able to pay for the other two, and this is my question really: i am an international student will have an average GPA of 3.0 haven't done my SAT yet.

how did the rest of you international students paid for school?

are there any more collages who offer a BPS degree in baking and pastry and culinary management?
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Are you prepared to pay about $$44000.? If I were you I would get a job in a fine place first, then decide. See if you REALLY like it,
No sence going into hock for nothing.Based on a 40 hour work week the schools will cost an average of $4.90 per hour on your first 5 years employment when you graduate. IF you figure your payback with interest.
Therefore if you graduate and land a job for $15.00 per hour (which is rare) you will really be getting $11.10 per hour less taxes.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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