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Dealing with disappointment

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There was a restaurant I considered my favorite in Oregon. It is gone now. It has been a place with so many memories, such incredible food, given the award of "best steak in the Northwest", "international class wine cellar" and other awards. Okay I don't remember who gave these awards and maybe there are better places, but for me this is where I have always gone when I wanted something really special.

The name of the restaurant was "The Gables". it's just a block and a half from my house. I moved to central Oregon for a couple of years and now that I'm back in Corvallis, I don't have this place any more.

It has been not only a place where I knew I would be always happy beyond expectations (as long as I had a fat wallet), but also a place that has influenced my own cooking. Their lamb chops with mint pesto sauce, chocolate espresso cheesecake, huge buttery croutons on salad with herb vinaigrette dressing, rich chicken bisque soup, smoked ribeye (marinated in teriyaki sauce), superb prime rib, best strawberry daquiris, excellent service, choices including wild game depending on availability, and other things will be missed a lot. Their escargot appetizer is another thing that I really miss.

This is really disappointing. If I were in Los Angeles or another big city, sure, I'd have many top quality places to choose from, though none would have the memories this place does.
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I can relate to that.

There was a wee place on the road between Stirling and Dumbarton. (Scotland) Just off the winding road, if you blinked, you'd miss it, it wasnt sign posted. You really had to know it was there. Most folk do. Being the scenic route to the west coast,

Anyway after a long drive on the country roads, there it was, serving traditional meals. Nothing fancy, Home made cakes and excellent service. When i passed last month it was gone.
My mother-in-law who was in the car with me was near to tears. She'd been using it for 50 years.

There must be so many places like this Internationally, that close because for one reason or another they cant carry on. It may be the credit crunch, or simply that no-one can be found to continue a service that needs the same integrity, passion and drive that the original owner maintained. Our loss
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
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My husband and I used to make the long trek to St Peters on a lazy Monday drive (our day off)....and there was this little cafe called the Tranquilitea Cafe that we loved to stop at. It had beautiful, unique salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and soups and desserts to die for. They made a chocolate mint torte that was so good it brought tears to my eyes!

I noticed on a trip to St Peters a few years ago with my best friend that the place was gone. Hit by the economic crush, no doubt. I have to say it broke my heart.

Just recently found out that the candy shop in the neighbouring town is now gone. They had a master chocolatier who made the most beautiful sculpted chocolate pieces as well as handmade truffles and chocolates. They also had every type of candy from every generation in there. It was like stepping back in time. It went into receivership and was sold off piece by piece. In fact...I just ran into the guy who bought all the ingredients the other day. So sad....breaks my heart.
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