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Hello! I've been lurking around the site for awhile now and figured it was about time to introduce myself. Before I do that I would like to give a sincere thank you to all that participate here and are in other ways involved. This site holds a wealth of information and it has helped me tremendously on more than one occasion.

My name is Nick, I'm a 27 year old retail lacky, and I've been in the kitchen ever since I could first hold a spoon. I come from an Italian/German/Russian background so as you can probably imagine a slew of tastes, textures, and aromas make up some of my earliest memories. I look forward to learning a lot more here, and maybe helping out a few folks in the process.
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk!

WOW - you have an interesting ethnic background! Me? I'm just Scots and nothing but Scots for as far back as records began!

You will find many of the members here are keen amateur cooks, but we also have fine chefs and other culinary professionals too.

Please feel free to post anywhere except the Professionals fora, but you should certainly read the posts in there, they make fascinating reading for us non-profs!
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