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My fiancé and I love to cook and we want to make our wedding favors ourselves ahead of time (our wedding is in October). Originally our idea was to give guests a small jar of homemade chocolate ganache and a small jar of chili oil (I love to bake and my fiancé loves spicy food), and then we would include a recipe that "marries" the two (of course, our guests could also use the ganache as an ice cream topping and the chili oil for other purposes, etc).

Problem is, I've noticed from my recipes that chocolate ganache only keeps in the refrigerator for a few days -- and it should be kept chilled at all times. Obviously that's not ideal for a wedding favor. We'd love to still use the chili oil and accompany it with another kind of sauce or topping -- does anyone have any ideas? What can we make even a week in advance that would keep at room temp, complement the chili oil in a recipe, and be useable in some form on its own?

Thank you!