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sauté pan

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Trying to get a consensus on some of my questions regarding sauté pans. I'm a home cook, and I am slowly purchasing one piece of cookware at a time.

I will be getting it in copper.

I am wondering how many people own more than one sauté pan?

What is the most popular size for regular cooking (1-4 people)

Essentially I want to invest in one piece. I was thinking 12" would probably be the most versatile size. What are most people's opinion?

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I have the Bourgeat in 12, 10 and finally broke down and got the 8 (28/24/20 cm) as the ten inch was still a bit big for two people.

I'd vote for the ten inch for a four people crowd as an all around size - realizing that for some specific dishes it may be slightly on the small side - i.e. four filet mignon works, four porterhouse steaks,,, no
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If you are cooking for 4 you definitely need the larger 12 inch pan. I have two 12 inch, a 10 inch and two 8 inch saute pans. And never forget, you will need an inexpensive 10 or 12 inch non-stick pan. You can pick up a good quality one for a song at a local restaurant supply house.
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