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I'm a professional writer working on a freelance writing assignment for a Web site -- a how-to article for restaurateurs looking to add catering to the services that their restaurants provide. (I've been asked to focus on wedding catering.)

I have a few questions that I think some of you may be able to answer. Please know that I'll credit you for any info I end up using in the article. (I know that's standard journalistic practice, but I want to say it outright in case you're wondering.)

Here are the questions:

1. Is it feasible for a restaurateur to move into catering weddings as well as doing all the work that his or her job already requires? (Or having someone else do the work?) If not, would you recommend hiring someone like an event manager to handle wedding catering?

2. Are there products you should plan to buy or people you should plan to hire to move into wedding catering?

3. Is there a way to figure out if you'll like wedding catering other than just doing it? (I've already interviewed someone who works with a catering company, and she tells me that weddings involve a lot of client hand-holding and guidance...more so than other types of catering. So I think it may be important to figure this out before taking your business in this direction.)

4. Best and worst things about catering weddings?

Thanks very much for your consideration.