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Rising Problems!

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I've been having some issues for the past several months that are completely puzzling and I'm determined to figure out what is happening.

I'm a pretty avid baker and have recipes I've been making for years, banana bread, corn muffins and our family's favorite chocolate cake. At Christmas this year I was making several banana breads all of which were a disaster as they didn't rise. I thought maybe the baking powder/soda was bad so I replaced both.

Everything I've baked since then has had similar issues. They rise very little and my chocolate cake will rise then fall. I've made these items over and over again with no problems and use the same technique.

Today I tested the oven temp and it seems fine, came out at 354 when set at 350.

At this point all of my ingredients are new and the oven is fine. Which only leaves me. How is it possible that the banana bread I've been making for 30 years all of a sudden won't rise correctly. I'm so frustrated and welcome any ideas.

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Hi Jen,

Sorry this seemed to have gotten pushed down! It happens. Anyway welcome to cheftalk and I'm moving this to the baking forum.

I can perhaps think of one reason. You said you were making a few batches. Were you making them a few batches at time and then putting them all in the oven at the same time? Maybe you are letting the batter get too warm before putting it in the oven. That would activate the leavening before it gets in the oven.

I'm probably wrong, but maybe the bakers here can offer some insight.
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