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menu suggestions

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me and a Haitian girl are gonna be preparing a menu for a going away party

we know the person who is going away likes macaroni and cheese, baked chicken, crab, boiled eggs and chocolate cake

we also know that some people attending the party may be vegetarian

we both love to cook haitian, indian and chinese food. as well as other Caribbean cuisines and other things as well

she thinks that we should make gumbo and she will buy two dosen blue crabs for this

we will make a nice dark roux and add the NO mire poix of celery onions and bell peppers, lots of hggarlic, a good ammohuunt of thyme, some parsley, and bayleaf, along with some file powder... the veggies will be potato and maybe carrot along with hte crab and maybe soem salt pork (wed dicded not to add okras as we are not sure if some people will like it) thsi iwll be eaten with white rice

baked chicken, im assuming she will do a marinade of soy sauce and balsamic vinegar along with some sort of generic chicken seasoning... iiwll let her hanfdle that as the chicken she makes is always tasty

she was thinking barbeques chicken would be good

i think she should go easy on the chicken, jsut season with salt and pepper and maybe olive oil and then make a haitian ti malice or creole sauce, but htats ebcause i have never had a haiitan make that for me... i dont think she will do it

for the eggs i am thinking an indian disah as indians have soem cool preperations with boiled eggs.

but deviled egges are cool too.

or maybe a salad nicoise?

for the macaroni, again im letting her do it.

caribbean folks have never disappointed me with baked macoroni and cheese. my guess is she puts in a dash of paprika and mustard powder and suateed onion along with macaroni, eggs, white sauce and grated cheese.....

thats my perspective on caribbean macaroni pie anyway!

for the sdesert i want to do somethign austiran nad im thinking a sachertorte which is an austrian cake, layerd with raspberry or apricot jam and topped witha chocolate icing.

i cant remember if rum or orange liqeaur like grand marnier is used or not

for the vegetarian offeirng i want to make either doubles, a trinidadian street food consisting of fried east indian yeast breads called bara, that are used to hold a filling of slowly simmered chickpea curry...

the doubles are usualyl eaten with grated cucumber otr a cucumber raitha as well as a dash of hot pepper sauce, tamarind sauce and/or cilantor/garlic sauce

OR a colombian deep fried parcel called caraminolas which is a boiled yuca dough stuffed with melted cheese and onions (also can be stuffed with meat, but im doing it veggie style)
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So what suggestions do you want? Looks good to me. A feast to behold!
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i think u are right!

maybe more veggies? (a none greasy veggie dish)

like lightly steamed green beans or brocolli, romaine, or greens....

something dark green

desert and boiled eggs are eluding me the msot

maybe just "plain" boiled eggs, which can be eaten mashed with crackers with salt apepper and olive oil or butter (if desired)

or just plain eggs, boiled, with salt and pepper....
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You can make a Thai style chicken curry with boiled eggs and bamboo shoots. It's one of my favorite combinations. But you can make the curry any style I suppose.

Yeah the bamboo shoots is the veggie. :)
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Where's the ox tails?
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