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1. Do you buy snack foods like chips, pub mixes, cookies and dips?

yes. sometimes for occasions and also just for cocktail hour.

2. Do you look at the ingredient statements and what do you look for?

Absolutely Yes!!!!! Not a lot of crap.

3. Do you look at the nutritional label?

Have to. It's a life requirement.

4. Does it matter what is in them based upon preservatives(wether chemical or natural,) colors, artificial and natural flavors and raw ingredients?

Sometimes. Depending on what those ingrediets are and at what point they are listed.

5. Would you be willing to spend up to 24% more for a standard snack, chip, dip or cookie with fewer ingredients and a cleaner label but using the same cooking techniques and meathods( fried, roasted baked....)

Not even if it were the ast bag of snacks on the planet! In fact I've refused buying many things lately because of the increased cost and decreased pack size! Seems to be the big thing these days. Reduce the pack size and raise the price. Nothing like a good weekly fleecing at the store.:rolleyes: