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Andrew Zimmern!

I will post my favorite vids.

Trinidad is somewhat of a culinary miracle in my opinion

this video is one example, the bake and shark sandwhich, h says in the episode it is one of his top ten favorite foods of all time

YouTube - Bizarre Foods - Trinidad and Tobago 5/6

now the roti

roti is usually a dal puri roti which is a roti (indian bread) that is cooked with a thin layer of cumined split peas in the middle!

roti can be eaten with anytihng savory and here he gets a fantastic goat, liver, curry chana (split pea) pumpkin and spinach meal wrapped up in a big roti (im assuming a dal puri)

also fantastic is the double which is an indian fry bread sandwhich with a curried chana filling. it can be eaten with shredded cucumbers, tamarind sauce, cilantro suace, hotsauce, cucumber raitha, or yogurt, or whatever u like. here he gets them bare bones.. simple, bread and chick peas.

also of note is his experience with trinidad pepper sauce.

YouTube - Bizarre Foods - Trinidad and Tobago 4/6

finally the infamous iguana curry

YouTube - Bizarre Foods - Trinidad and Tobago 1/6