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Culinary School

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Hi everyone my name is brandy! I so badly want to go into Culinary School but im having many struggles between financial issues and others. I was wondering if anyone had tips... or thoughts on this topic. I was going to go to school in Cincinnati State for 2 years then transfer to University of Cincinnati for 2 years to get my bachelors with their dual enrollment program, but it doesn't look like i can afford that so i was looking into a school in Nashville The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes Bachelors program. My big question is tuition and is it a credited school, so if i decide to transfer to a university I can do so?
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk, Brandy.

I'm afraid I'm not American and have little knowledge regarding your culinary schools - but if you care to repost in the culinary student forum, there will be someone along who can probably answer your questions!
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