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Just wondering where you get your staff? Do you prefer any special pastry schools over another?
Besides a healthy work ethic and speed, what are you looking for when hiring staff?
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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finding staff

I get staff from myriad places...some are culinary school graduates, mostly from Kendal College, CIA, Johnson and Wales, etc. or The French Pastry School located in Chicago. But we also have people in our kitchen who are coming to culinary from another field like photography, bio chemistry...we're about to have lawyer in our kitchen for the rest of this year. So it really varries. I was a silver and goldsmith before getting into the kitchen so I try to stay open minded to the idea that talent and love for the kitchen can be found in anyone. And my feeling is SKILLS and RECIPES I can teach you, but work ethic and loving the field YOU have to bring with you to the kitchen. Of course working clean is important and a sign you care, and being able to work on a team is crucial. If someone is too independent, it's too hard to invite them into the family. They make good chef's, but not always good cooks.
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