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Hi Everyone

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I have just joined this site but have viewed some of the forums previously. I am very excited to have found this site and have already learned a few things that I needed. I am a mom at home, decorating cakes, and also a personal trainer. Very new to baking cakes, as I use to only use mixes, but not too new to cake decorating. I am looking forward to getting to know many of you and pick your brains. I hope at some point to contribute in some way as well. There is so much info out there and so many interesting things to try! So much to try yet so little time! Thanks for any help.
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Welcome to ChefTalk!

I'm glad you have decided to join us after reading the site for a while. Feel free to jump in on any thread of interest to you, or even start your own. All we ask is that you do not post in the professionals area - although I find I have absorbed a lot of good information from that part of the site, just by reading!
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hi dears,i am angel here:lips:.i new to this page and i am here for just want to say hi to everyone.
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