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Do you have a favorite season?  

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Hi Gale. Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to share with the ChefTalk community :)

I love when restaurants have seasonal menu's taking advantage of what's in season and/or locally grown.

Do you look forward to any season more than the rest? Does this differ from the season that excites you the most when your at work (at Tru)?

Thanks so much!

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favorite season

As a pastry chef I thin summer is my favorite time asd there is so much fruit to work with. It's a slow unveiling for me starting with Rhubarb, then strawberries and cherries (and fraise de bois if I'm lucky and I usually am) , then stone fruit (oh those Michigan peaches can make your knees weak) then apples and pears...and my jam sessions follow that schedule too, so I'm making jam from a different fruit every couple weeks. It's my heaven really...with the windows open in my house and my car, driving up to Wisconsin to pick berries and then bringing them home to put up in jars...I just love it.
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What would be your all time favorite peach dish to prepare? I wouldnt say they make me weak in the knees like you but I do like them alot.
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Favorite season and peach dish

Hmmmm, favorite peach dish. The first thing I think of is just plain ol' fabulous peach pie. I have some white peaches right now that we are going to try to make a pie from tomorrow. I've never done one with white peaches so I'm curious to see if it's mind blowing or just OK.
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favorite peach dish

And my second favorite is peach tart tatin, that classic upsidedown French caramelized apple tart with a puff pastry crust but made with peaches...I make little ones sometimes and they are just sooooooooo good.
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Thanks. You will have to let all of us know how the white peaches work in the pie...sounds GREAT!
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I've got three children under six and we try to visit some farms on occasion. I'll definitely be looking into picking some Michigan peaches this year with the family. Thanks so much for sharing...and thanks for the idea to go pick some peaches this year :lips:

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