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Economic crisis and pastry chefs/bakeries  

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Hello Chef! Guess I thought of a question after all! Or two......

With the current economic crisis what do you feel the future holds for pastry chefs and bakeries? Is there any particular trend of scaling back on baking and pastries or going to frozen that is emerging in leading restaurants? Do you feel that there is job security for young hopefuls wanting to enter this field?

Thank you for your words of wisdom!
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I'm interested in this question too. Being that a good bakery/pastry shop is non-existant here I would hope.......
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pastry chef position's future

I am seeing less pastry chef positions in restaurant kitchen now and smaller pastry staffs. Buying premade or frozen desserts is currently more common, or line cooks rather than trained pastry people are making the desserts. Having said that, the desserts available commercially are actually better than a decade ago so the stuff they are replacing pastry chefs with are better items than previously available. Maybe the way to go is to make sure you have some large scale production, and research and development skills too, in case you end up doing pastry for a large company that supplies restaurants rather than just the restaurant itself. I do some of that for big food companies on occasion and it's quite fun, interesting, and it pays well too.
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