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Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley (London)

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My wife and I dined here in March for our anniversary. It is a 2 (two) star Michelin restaurant. I recently read Devil in the Kitchen by Marco Pierre White and with all the emphasis on achieving the stars, I wanted to experience a Michelin restaurant for myself.

We went for the Tasting Menu of course, which was f90 (about $140 US). Can't beat that as it's 8 courses compared to the regular entrees on the menu that are f70-f90 each.

Amuse Bouche (Oyster Cream with Truffle Foam)

Pan fried foie gras, rhubarb, Lapsang tea, gingerbread, chestnuts, quince jelly

Scottish scallop, cucumber, caviar, smoked corals

Roasted and marinated quail, white onion fondue, butternut squash and baked potato

Monkfish, parsnip, and chanterelles

Cumbrian lamb, green olive and fennel, smoked lamb bacon
Anjous pigeon, poached and roasted, baby navet, pigeon casserole, spring truffles

Cheese from the trolley (extra charge- we passed)

Pre dessert

Warm chocolate moelleux, banana jelly, banana ice cream
Granny smith apple creme, spiced brioche crisps, popcorn, salted caramel ice cream

Of course everything was excellent. And Michelin quality service which you don't get much of in England. The only thing I could fault was the Granny smith apple creme was a bit too salty. Yes, I know it calls it out on the menu, but a bit too much for my American taste.

Marcus Wareing is rated as one of the top 100 chefs in the world. A former protege of Gordon Ramsey. I guess they had a falling out and Marcus went out on his own. While the experience was excellent, I have had just as good in the states. That is not to diminish the experience at the Berkley, but rather to point out that we have some great chefs here as well.
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I haven't eaten there yet, but love Marcus Wareing's food - I sampled his cooking when he worked for Gordon Ramsay.
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