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Gale's root beer  

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Hi Gale.
LOVE your root beer, and I know it's from a small batch recipe that you created when you couldn't find it in bottles. Can you tell us about your recipe development process, and how you escalated it for product development on a larger scale?

Janine MacLachlan
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I still make it myself with a co-packer. I prepare the cinnamon-ginger-vanilla infusion and the bottler handles the large batch part of the process and gets it into the bottles and sticks the labels on. We make about 500 cases at a time with 24 bottles to a case so what's that...12,000 bottles per run (Wow! That even sounds big to me!)

Initially when I was developing the recipe I was actually doing a number of different varieties of root beer such as the cinnamon, ginger and vanilla you I still do today, and then there was a honey with star anise, and a maple with molasses. It was the cinnamon, ginger and vanilla that people kept asking for the most and so that was the one I went with when it came to bottling.
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