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Hello All

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Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm Cheryl, and I am an experienced home cook with a passion for what I guess can best be described as "improvisational cooking". I hate to waste food, so I've developed a knack for taking whatever is in my refrigerator and turning it into a tasty meal. I'm looking forward to finding new ideas on this site and expect I'll be able to offer some as well. Thanks for having me.
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hello Cheryl - and welcome to ChefTalk.

Like you, I'm an enthusiastic amateur - and there are lots of us on here - from all over the world.. as well as the chefs and other culinary professionals.

I hope you'll enjoy exploring the site and then joining in on threads that you find interesting or even start your own! All we ask is that non-professionals do not post in the professional fora on here - but they make really interesting reading for the rest of us!
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