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kitchen confidential...

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in case any of you dont remember this show, or forgot why it was cancelled a few episodes are up on hulu:

Hulu - Kitchen Confidential: Exile on Main Street - Watch the full episode now.
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also check out and then type in kitchen confidential. they have all the episodes.
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Hulu isnt available in the uk and tudou comes up in some asian language. Cant navigate the site

Why was it cancelled?
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
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I don't speak asian eithee:). But if you just type in the kitchen confidential in the tool bar at the top it will direct you **** you can understand. Hopefully this help. And I'm not sure why it was cancelled.
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low ratings, not that great for 'outsiders'.
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I cant watch it. Too bad, since I love that show. A bit glorifying, but you can't help recognizing all the stuff...
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i purchased the box set through a while back. if youre into it see if they have a version for your region.
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Downloaded it. Couldnt wait... But yeah, maybe Ill buy it....
Lets see now when next paycheck comes flying in.
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I've watched the season a few times now and the only thing I dislike is that there is not a season 2 for me to watch...all the characters are pretty awesome, but I particularly like the banter between Teddy and Seth
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the show is hilarious, but have you read the book by bourdain? it's totally awesome, especially for any cook. 'outsiders' totally wouldnt understand it.
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Started watching it on hulu..It is great! Hilarious!!!!
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OMG I jsut started watching it.  It's funny.

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I watched all 13 episodes back to back ...the show is awesome!!!!

I've read the book by Bourdain and loved it as well.

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