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Hello All!

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Hello all!

My name is Gerard Santiago and I am currently a student at Johnson & Wales University at the Providence Campus. I am currently a baking and pastry student. I have completed my associates degree this past spring, and will be continuing into the bachelors program here at school.(The bachelors program here is kind of hard of to get into. Have to complete the application process that involves the application itself, letters of recommendation, GPA requirement, essay questions, short answer questions, completed portfolio, and finally end it off with an interview. They only have 60 spots open.)

I will also be knocking out the Bachelors program in Food Service Management with triple concentration in Leadership Studies, Sommelier, and Beverage Service Management, which all of those degrees and concentrations will only take me another two years to complete.

I currently have my ACF certification in culinary and also the CPC certification completed. I am looking to complete a few more certifications before I finish off school which my instructors are working with me to get ready to take them.

Industry wise, I started out in culinary as a prep cook. I started to learn the line, plating desserts and a few other areas of the kitchen before I left to go off to school. When I finished off my first year of culinary school, I went back home to NY and got a job as a pastry cook. A few weeks later, like two I think, I was bumped up to Pastry Chef. I really did not ask for the spot or wanted it, but took it so I will be able to learn more, and will be able to show the customers a few things that I have learned over the past few years. Then I started up school again that following fall, and had to opportunity to assist at the Foxwoods Food and Wine Festival, which I am looking foward to working at it again this upcoming fall. I had greatest opportunity to work with Claudia Fleming, Wayne Brachman, and all of the pastry chefs at Foxwoods. Which I will never forget all of the stuff and knowledge that they gave to me over that weekend. Then got a pastry cook/baker job at a restaurant here in Providence called Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Winebar. The Executive Chef there has been teaching me the side of savory desserts while I was there.

I am looking foward to getting to learn more about baking and pastry and to expand my knowledge by using these forums. I will probably be reading as many posts as I can to learn from other people on here and try to learn some tricks of the trade that I can use in my bachelors level pastry classes.
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.

You sound busy...! There is an area of the site specifically for culinary students, which you may find interesting.

I hope you will join in on threads that are of specific interest to you on the other parts of the forum - or even start your own!
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