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Hi from Seattle

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Hi all,
Found the forum while doing some research on starting a catering company. I always find that the best information is found on forums like this....as opposed to the sites that charge you $30 to get an "all inclusive knowledge bank of everything you need to know in starting your catering business"

I have some history with organizing music events, mainly rock and acoustic stuff at local bars. Most of them with an attendance around 100-200 people. Events production and marketing is a passion of mine, and the music scene just seemed like a good area to fullfill that passion. Now 27 years old...i dont feel that i have the energy to deal with the music scene, specifically the ego's.

I have been thinking lately that catering would be somewhat similar to what i enjoy doing, and will allow me to enjoy my passion while not dealing with the ego's of the music biz (or at least not as much of them). Not to mention comfort my fiance knowing that i wont be out at the bars every other weekend.

In short, im new to the catering idea, and am ready for a long journey of education to do what it takes to get to where i want to be. I hope to learn a whole lot from you all and maybe i'll be able to provide something to someone in here as well.

Sorry for the life story....it said to introduce myself....so.....i did :)

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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.
As you will see by browing the site, there are lots of helpful articles and wonderful photographs. In the forums, there are all levels of culinary experience - from those just starting out to masterchefs and other culinary professionals.

I hope you'll find lots to interest you.
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