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Looking for trusted UK suppliers

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Presently I have John Lewis, Mermaid and as trusted suppliers for various kitchen equipment.

I still find myself struggling occasionally to identify trusted suppliers for a variety of supplies, ranging from dough scrapers to larger pans.

If you have first hand experience of a trusted UK kitchen equipment supplier I'd appreciate the heads up.


(Note, while I do sometimes order abroad e.g. from, with some objects the cost of postage can far outweigh the value of the product - so not always practical solution)
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I have bought a number of gadgets/useful 'things' from Lakeland. They have a big shop in Edinburgh where I can see the item shown in their catalogue. I highly recommend them for quality - even if they can be pricey for certain items.
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Thanks Ishbel :)

I do use Lakeland for the occasional purchase. Not quite as comprehensive in the kitchen range as I'd like, but certainly worth a mention and a visit.
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St Delia uses a lot of their equipment. I remember when she used their mini-spatulas and mini-whisks on a TV programme - they sold out totally on the morning of the day after transmission.
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Hehe - it's because of Delia I'm buying my first decent cake tins from Mermaid :D.

In the past few weeks I have struggled to find large pans and good quality traditional probe thermometers that can be calibrated (went digital in the end). Finally today I just wanted an Oxo good grips dough/pastry scraper. My initial search makes Just finding any stainless steel dough scraper seem like some esoteric tool known only to the Illuminati.

(p.s. Ishbel, as you mentioned Edinburgh in previous post, I had meant to note that it's one of my favourite cities - great place :cool:).
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I find most things I need at John Lewis or small local suppliers (who don't have websites!).

I have a brilliant scraper thingy that I bought at Nick Nairn's cookery school in Aberfoyle when I was on a course there a while back. It's a small piece of springy metal with a plastic grip. Great for scooping up herbs, cut veggies or even scraping out a bowl. I also bought a few scrapers from his place, too.
Nick Nairn Cook School: Home

I've just checked - he's still got the handy bit of stainless steel thingy - and I'm embarrased to say how many other things I've bought whilst on courses there! The spoonula is great!
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Great - thanks for that link Ishbel, much appreciated.:)
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