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appreciated your ragetop review from the repair man perspective.  I am in the market for a 36 INCH cooktop or range top--considering a  DCS CPU 366 rangetop .  wonder what you would buy??  I'm concerned about the ignitor problems--any other Manufacturers that have units that can go 17500 - 700 BTU on 4 burners and 1250-700 on the other 2 burners  ??t  I want to cook, not be calling the repair man ti fix new stuff!!  wonder if you have any comments on the DCS CPU 366 ??


I am also interested in the kitchenaid steam double oven  KEBU208SSS?? anyone have experience with this unit??  There are absolutely NO reviews anywhere!!



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If Wolf when it is delivered don't let repair man leave. My opinion JUNK.

Chef EdB
Over 50 years in food service business 35 as Ex Chef. Specializing in Volume upscale Catering both on and off premise .(former Exec. Chef in the largest on premise caterer in US  with 17 Million Dollars per year annual volume). 
      Well versed in all facets of Continental Cuisine...


Chef EdB
Over 50 years in food service business 35 as Ex Chef. Specializing in Volume upscale Catering both on and off premise .(former Exec. Chef in the largest on premise caterer in US  with 17 Million Dollars per year annual volume). 
      Well versed in all facets of Continental Cuisine...

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I've had two Wolf ranges. The first one, made by Wolf for the home was great. The last Wolf range I had was made by subzero. The top worked fine for a couple of years and then the ignitions went crazy. We lived in the country and no Sub zero dealer could get a repair man to come to even look at it. When you turned one burner on the ignition on one of more other burners would start striking and wouldn't stop until we went down to the basement and turned off the power. It was horrible!


The only time we got a repair man was when there was a fire/burning hazard in the ovens and they sent their serviceman. And by the way, the ovens were horrible - uneven heating, broiling etc. If I made corn bread, I'd had to reverse the pan halfway through otherwise one side would over brown and the other side would be under cooked. The repairman's answer to that is "that's how their oven works"!


We recently moved and our current kitchen has a cook top which is from New Zealand, and it's the worst - all different sized burners, badly placed, etc. So now I'm looking for a replacement range top and hoping there's something on the market that will fit in my space and work with my pop up vent.  June


Make sure that whatever choice you make, that they have people in your area who will service it; and it would probably be a good idea to have them write it down. And by the way, Sub-Zero was no help at all, other than referring us to dealers in two states, none of whom could get a service person out to our house. And with those Wolf ranges, no one else can service them!

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If you go with a regular cook top, I think you will be very unhappy. You'll be moving pots back and forth constantly. I have one of these and I've never been so frustrated with any stove. The New Zealand brand that is in this house we recently purchased is horrible. First of all, it has a wok burner and that's the most powerful. OK, but then they put the simmer burner at the right front, and the most powerful of the other regular burners at the right back. There's a pop up vent, so you can't put your large pan on that burner because it hits the pop up vent. All the other burners are less powerful than that; and even that burner which is supposed to have enough BTU's, doesn't. When I've brought a 2 gallon pot of water up to a full boil, when I remove the lid, the boil almost immediately stops. So if you buy a model like this, you'd better have an overhead vent, which is a lot more expensive option.


These cook tops, if they're all anything like the one I had, are a waste of money. If you only need two burners, and aren't really into cooking, I guess they would be OK. But I can't imagine anyone who spends any amount of time cooking full dinners, being happy with these.  June

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I have had a 48" all gas self clean range for over 10 years and love it.  I had three children at home, so cooking was an important aspect of our home lifestyle and family time.  They are now older and out of the house, so moving to a smaller condo/apartment is in the near future.  I plan on purchasing a range top or cook top with an over in my new home.  The features and benefts of both the range top and cooktop are great, but for my kithen I am leaning towards a cooktop. 

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My wife and have owned two homes that we retrofitted with all Viking products.  They both had 30" dual fuel ranges.  We built our current house in 2006 and designed in all Viking appliances as well.  This time we specified a 36" Gas Range as it gave us the largest oven capacity and we were sold on the broiler which acts like a commercial salamander(?).  We installed a separate electric built-in oven. 


We've had good luck with Viking appliances but I hear good things about Wolf as well.  I will say the Viking kitchens certainly helped sell our previous homes.

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Although I don't currently own a Viking rangetop or cooktop I do own 3 other Viking appliances that i have been well pleased with.  I have a Viking free standing side x side refrigerator, 450 dishwasher, and convection microwave oven - have had them for a few years and haven't had the first issue with any of them.  My next Viking purchase will be a VGIC5366BSS open burner range hopefully sometime this year.  The rangetop/cooktop question to me would be the look you want to have in your kitchen and the type cooking you want to do.  I think this is going to be a personal preference - commercial look or sleek modern look?

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I do not have any experience with Wolf, but I would recommend Viking ranges.  I own the 30" electric range, and it is great.  Not only does it look as good today as it did 10 years ago, but it has also performed extremely well.  I have two teenage boys, so I use my range almost every day, and it has never let me down.  The smooth top is so easy to clean!

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I've had my 30" Viking dual fuel range for several years now, and I have been extremely happy with its performance.  I've cooked on other high-end ranges, and Viking continues to be my favorite.

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Viking, hands-down!  There is no comparison between Viking and Wolf in my humble opinion.  Why go with a knock-off when you can have the original?  My husband and I are repeat Viking customers, as we have now purchased our 2nd full Viking kitchen.


Besides the design aspects of the product, we have found the quality to be second to none.  Viking is an American company that we are happy to support!

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I  am building my final dream kitchen and that is why I just ordered a new Viking range.  I have had nothing but wonderful cooking experiences with my workhorse Viking range which I owned for over 16 years. I love the burners that do everything from boiling to simmering perfectly. And with six burners I can easily cook for holiday celebrations and large parties.  

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Be careful!


There are a couple of reasons you should be leery about having a commercial range in your home. If you know what you're doing then go ahead and ignore this post.


Some things you should consider:

1. local fire codes

2. homeowners insurance

3. clearance (can't put these suckers up against a cabinet)

4. no electronic ignition (i think this is posted above)


American Range has some pretty sweet residential-but-commerical-looking options, fyi.


Other than that, go at it! I'm jealous.

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Most of the manufacturers mentioned in this thread make a residential range - Wolf, Viking, DCS, etc.  They look commercial, but must meet residential codes to address the items you mention.

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Viking all the way! I've had a viking kitchen for years now and its been wonderful!

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Being in the business for 50 years I have to go with 4 brands of equipment South Bend, Viking, and Bloggett ,Vulcan these brands were the iron horses of the kitchen.. 

Wolf was the biggest hunk of junk I ever used pretty much tied with the ovens from Japan. The wolf broiler burned out and had little BTU recoup power . Wolf commercial was made by a different company that made the ones for the house but they to are the worst ,the pilots go every 6 months or so. Get them wet and they burn right out.  See if you can buy the commercial stoves over the ones they sell in Macys or dept, stores > Go to a restaurant supply co.  Good Luck

Chef EdB
Over 50 years in food service business 35 as Ex Chef. Specializing in Volume upscale Catering both on and off premise .(former Exec. Chef in the largest on premise caterer in US  with 17 Million Dollars per year annual volume). 
      Well versed in all facets of Continental Cuisine...


Chef EdB
Over 50 years in food service business 35 as Ex Chef. Specializing in Volume upscale Catering both on and off premise .(former Exec. Chef in the largest on premise caterer in US  with 17 Million Dollars per year annual volume). 
      Well versed in all facets of Continental Cuisine...

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We recently bought a Viking 30" dual fuel range and a Viking 30" OTR  microwave that vents to the outside. Upon delivery and installation of the two items, the microwave was essentially dead on arrival with only the fan buttons and exterior light buttons working  properly. The cooking button functions were completely dead and non-function. The new range was identified as having multiple issues to include: the center burner has a design flaw in that when the burner is turned on the low setting, the burner retries to relight and already burning burner and thus continues to make a very annoying clicking noise for reignition.  The range was determined to be off temp by 40-50 degrees F by testing it with separately place internal thermometer. Viking did send out an authorized service tech that told me that there were material changes of components need just to potentially get the range and the microwave to function properly. As a result of having two brand new Viking products get installed and both be in such poor operating condition to include the microwave being dead on arrival. We will not be keeping either product as Viking has agreed to take them back and issue a full refund. I am appreciative of the fact they gave me this option as I did request it but was concerned they were going to fight me over using the warranty repair provisions they provide.


Nonetheless, I am changing and bought a Wolf 30" dual fuel range and will be keeping my current OTR microwave. I've heard from two sources other than a sales person that when you buy a Wolf, you simply don't have problems. One of he comments was from the service tech sent out by Viking to assess the operational status of our new Viking products. Needless to say we are extremely disappointed in Viking as they've been known to produce very high end, high quality products but sorely missed the mark with us in what we received from them


Unfortunately, I can not give Viking even a mediocre rating as quite frankly I believe the product quality we received was deplorable and shameful on Viking's part and that they should remove these devices from being sold until they are able to fully fix and understand why their D3 Series dual fuel range and 30" OTR Convection microwave do no work properly.


Our new Wolf Range should be installed next week. Thus, we're crossing our fingers that we do not strikeout with another high end brand. We considered Thermador too but through other comments from a service tech and a third party installer being so favorable on Wolf it seemed that would be the best way to even though it costs us a couple thousand more that the Viking dual fuel range.

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I had the same problem, finding a range top, they are very expensive, and the drop in are much cheaper. That is because the drop in are not professional style, anything professional style you will pay money for, kind of like suicide doors on a car, your not buying one for under six figures. There is another manufacturer named Hypotheory I purchased my range top from, it was only $1,389 and that included free white glove delivery shipping. The product is called the Hypotheory HTRT366NG and I purchased it from a website called Hope this helps!

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Anyone considering viking for home appliances........RUN


We remodeled our kitchen 8 years ago and have a Viking drop in with pop up vent, Double wall ovens, warming draw and fridge. Everything Viking makes is junk and has to constantly be fixed. The parts they use are absolutely the worst quality in the industry. I would have been better of installing whirlpool. 

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If its any constilation to anyone, I own the Hypotheory HTRT366 range top it comes in NATURAL GAS (HTRT366NG) or LIQUID PROPANE (HTRT366LP) is a 36 inch six sealed brass burner professional style rangetop stove top cooktop whatever you want to call it as they go by many nicknames these rangetops, and I have owned the Viking VGRT5304BSS range top prior, my Viking broke down after three years, and I paid a lot of money for it around 3 grand, I sold it to a used appliance dealer for half that, because I was tired of it wasnt efficient, and I decided to go with a free standing, the problem is my existing cabinetry was not designed for a free standing. Luckily, a friend of mine mentioned a brand I was unfamiliar with, she actually owned one, I went to her kitchen to cook on it and try it out, I was a culinary student so I needed something that was versatile. I purchased it after I tried it out, it was very easy to use, and the burners were very versatile, some were very strong, the others simmered, it actually works better than my old Viking, go figure, and I only paid $1,295 for it on an online website called I never heard of the brand before so I researched it on Ebay before i bought it, I just didnt like the whole auction thing on ebay or i would of bought it there. You can find some of the reviews on the appliance here:



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Viking Sucks

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