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~Ontario Canada~
Ok, on New years day my work burns down and I get laid off.
I go on employment insurance and start looking for a job, the town i live in does not have any work in any field, so I start looking into the "Second Career" grant from the government. To get this you must research the pros and cons of schools, job prospects, and you must get 5 potential future employers to agree that going to school gives you a serious advantage over someone who has not.

So my question to all you pros: Is there anybody out there willing to put your name and number on my paper? Ive contacted around 25 inns and resorts and have only got one call back, although my one call was very productive, the government needs 5 exampes of future employers.

You need to be at least from Canada, preferably from Ontario, but any help is major help since im running out of ideas.

Thank-you all!