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NYC Marathon and Me. (us) - Mind if I spam?

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So, NRatched and I are running the NYC marathon this year, Nov. 1, 2009. All 26.2 miles of it. :smoking:

A challenge, sure. However, we choose to run this year for a cause that many people are not familiar with. However NRatched being a nurse, deals with on a daily basis. Hepatitis C (HCV). The first misconception is that HCV is transmitted only through drug use.

Some quick facts:
-HCV is listed as one of the top five diseases missed by medical professionals. Of middle aged adults, 2.3% of the population is infected with this virus.
-HCV is usually diagnosed only when irreversible liver damage (cirrhosis) is established.
-HCV infects all races, genders, and across all socioeconomic backgrounds. Young women, average age 24 years old, are the fastest growing segment currently being diagnosed with HCV. This is not all due to drug use, but due to lack of understanding the transmission methods for this virus.
-At least one-third and up to a half of infected children acquired infection during the pregnancy from positive mothers.

So, NRatched and I have chosen to run for a charity called Bosco's Buddies, (a 501c3) which distributes it's charity funds to various organizations to promote HCV awareness and research which include the American Cancer Society, American Liver Foundation, National Liver Transplant Assistance Fund, and the Hep C foundation.

We've pledged to raise $5,000, which, is almost as much of a challange as our training plans, 45 mile per week running schedule, and planned diets (don't worry, still good stuff and don't worry, still good pictures!!)

If any one on here would like to support our efforts, below is a link to our (tax deductable) donation page. In return, I promise to keep everyone posted on our training, and specifically our diet and cooking!

a post of mine wouldn't be complete without some pictures!

Wish us luck!

P.S. One of our fundraising efforts will be to host either a dinner at our place or a which I'll be reaching out to you guys again (and of course taking some pics!)
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Are you a runner? 45 miles a week isn't easy. The injuries could come on real strong when you start doing your long runs.
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yes, rest assured, we're runners. No worries. Not fast ones (at a marathon distance, about 10:30), but runners. haha. 35-40mpw is about average for us running 5-6 days a week. (depending on if I can get NRatched in the trails, it's a little less). Our schedule is a "little" different now as we have some heat/speedwork more than most as we are also training for the NYC Half, in hot august.

If anyone is really interested in our training schedule, didn't wanna bore you guys. Our training schedule isn't much different from what we normally run. normal runs during the week 4-6 miles, with maybe a speedwork day, a long run (double digit) on sat, and a short recovery run on sunday. We of course have cutback weeks, etc.

"start" doign long runs? .....doesn't everyone do long runs every week? :smoking:
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Well I guess it depends on what you mean by long. :) 17+ maybe?
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let's go! haha.

See you at the start of a 50 or 100k any time soon?
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Yeah, at the start. ;)
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Thanks for sharing this info and best of luck
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thought I'd give you guys an update....

Fiance and I ran the NYC Half-Marathon in the 90 degree heat yesterday...finished....had a blast. Best feeling in the world? Running through time square with bands playing, cheerleaders, and fans cheering.....

worst? turning the corner of 42nd and west side highway, realizing you still have 3 miles to go, and no shade! haha.

Had a blast.....lunched at Welcome to Plataforma Online! Enjoy... all you can eat meat...with some friends who ran a Triathlon the day before....ever see runners/atheletes eat at a place like this? We got our monies worth!!!!

BTW - REALLY great churrascaria....PERFECTLY done meat which is surprising as its usually not rare enough for me....but we had first seating so maybe thats why. either way, it was fantastic.
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We made a bunch of videos while in Italy in regards to our marathon training. This one I think YOU guys would's worth the wait to see our LUNCH video/pictures....

YouTube - Marathon Training in Italy - Running in Chianti Tuscany
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Bump up....less than a week to go! :peace::peace::peace:

unfortunately, still have 1300$ to raise. :cry:
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DONE!!!!! and ht our goal pace (although not goal charity donations unfortunately, but there is still time as our deadline is 12/15)

We put Churrascaria Plataforma out of business post race at the all you can eat Brazilian Rodizo!!! :peace::peace:

Oh. I can't walk.
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Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing some pics.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Nice! How did you do?

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Well, admittingly, we are very very slow runners. So our goal was to hit under our training pace for our last 20 mile run. We did by 3 seconds.

However, I dissapointed myself and had to walk the water stops after mile 20-21.

Oprah's time a few years ago still beat us... be honest, we've only started running this year. January 28th to be exact. Before that I've never been able to run a mile in my life. In february this year I couldn't run more than 2 miles without walking.

Now I can go out and run 15 miles at a 10:30per mile pace at a 160 average hr.
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