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Took a side trip with my father to Stone Barns, Blue Hill....Dan Barber's farm/educational center/fine dining restaurant etc. in Sleepy Hollow are in member galleries...Stone Barns, Blue Hill - ChefTalk Photo Gallery

What a place! They raise their own meats (geese, chickens, berkshire pigs, bronze & white turkeys, sheep, cattle....)there are hot houses (green houses, top of the line) gardens....a farmer's market, bakery......

No expense was spared, it is simply gorgeous.

The fine dining restaurant's menu is two pages....the first page is a huge list of ingredients in house, the second basically says you have a choice of 5 course or 9 course tasting menus. NO description, essentially you pay x amount and out comes your food. Reservations are booked 2 months in advance. We ate at the 12 seat bar, first come first served.....there was a bar menu (I ordered the whole thing + desserts) and your choice of a 3 course menu (option of 2 for each course, you can choose in the bar.) or either of the dinner blind tastings.

Not only was the food fun, presentation was interesting.....

Started out with faro crackers that came upright in a flower frog, with green herbal sauce verte.

Asparagus wrapped in house pancetta coated with sesame seeds.

*Elderflower Kir with a floating viola was wonderful.

Tempura Troutlings.....first time I've seen/tasted them...we talked about them years ago on Cheftalk....really cool to try them. No sauce, just 4" fishies.

Pork Belly....was good

Asparagus Burgers....cute, tiny sesame bun with green goo and asparagus

Charcuterie platter.....all made in house from the berkshire pigs in the woods....spec, coppacola, fennel salumi, couple other dried salumis....

Balthezar's (sp?) bread...oh my.....butter they make from their cows....another please!

Farmstead cheese platter....three cheeses with bread they make on site, apple gelee & candied walnuts. nice presentation, beautiful cheeses.

Desserts were a combo of local and new agey wavey....the descriptions are not coming to me but fiddlehead fern and foam was garnish on one, chocolate ice cream with lots of shtuff was another.

Coffee was extrodinary, served with warm milk.....I've dined in a lot of very nice restaurants and this is the first time the milk accompanying a cup of coffee has come out warmed.

The couple next to me got the 5 course tasting menu, and had several of the components that we had....though the 2"x2"x16" wood block with serpentine nails holding pristine baby veg amuse was awesome....tiny haruke turnip, carrot, pea pod....all sprayed with a lemon vinagrette so they have just a glisten.

Staff walked around with a next of eggs to educate people about their egg course, so cool.....

One of the garden workers mentioned she graduated from CIA, I asked if she missed the kitchen, she said nope, she'd much rather work with the plants. Interesting.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....