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After disgusting foods, how about favorites?

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After all the talk about disgusting foods, I'm intrigued at what your favorite foods are.... (I tried to keep it to 10 but my mind kept going....)

Here's mine:
fresh octopus
fresh soybean
new orleans crawfish
chinese barbequed pig
cantonese cooked lobster
passionfruit juice
blue crab
green plums
muscles, seafood in general
yellow fin tuna (would love to try blue fin tuna)
radishes preserved in hot chili sauce
dad's asian bbq'd ribs
does Dr Pepper count?
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I know I can't limit it to ten...

duck leg done right
foie gras
panzanella salad
Nathan's Indonesian style chicken curry w/ green rice
Mar Y Muntanya with chicken and grilled lobster
masala dosa from Vik's
Peaches and apricots
Nancy Silverton's rustic pear tart w/ pear caramel and pear ice cream
China Moon's curry chicken springrolls w/ green chile dipping sauce
Cesar's romesco sauce w/ tempura dipped green onions
Maggie's paella
chinese pea sprouts
chocolate chip cookies
Vietnamese sandwiches
wood oven fired mussels
mashed potatoes

I'll stop now...
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This'll be tough, but here goes:

Favorite comfort food: Homemade chicken soup with matzo balls and parsnips
Other yummy stuff:
crisp poultry skin (chicken, duck, turkey)
ripe mangos
rilettes du Mans smeared on authentic baguette (haven't found any outside France yet, but I'm hopeful...)
shiitake mushrooms
potatoes Anna
Sandy D'Amato's macadamia caramel tart
A glass of St. Emilion
Dense, really chocolatey brownies with pecans
Dim sum (the dumplings mostly)
Cinnamon rolls made with challah dough
Ribs (crispy outside, tender inside) without gooey sauce- just a flavorful rub
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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To start with the most basic, almost primal love,chocolate cookies, gooey straight from the oven and frosty glass of milk...
Steamed Maryland blue crabs right out of the cooker at a backyard cookout...
Crispy North Carolina BBQ (best stolen off the cutting board...
Belgian Pommes Frites straight from a Grand Place vendor...
Yellow Fin Tuna...
Pad Thai
red Zin and a roaring fire...
the perfectly marinated gravlox with chilled vodka and great company...
mashed potatoes and family...

I could go on...
Sweet Dreams!!
Sweet Dreams!!
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I guess my favorite foods would be.....

~Mexican Pork Carnitas w/ some Guacamole and spicy salsa on a Corn Tortilla
~Cornmeal Fried Oysters or Catfish or Oysters in the halfshell
~Roasted Duck Legs
~Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail
~Crab and Salmon Cakes With Charred Tomato Salsa
~Stir fried Squid with crushed red chile flakes (Sweet, Slightly Salty)( the way the prepare at this one Chinese Restuarant)
~Croissants fresh from the oven (don't need anything else with these except a nice cup of coffee)
~Smoked Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
~Bisque-Lobster/Shrimp or The Americanized Version- Tomato Bisque (Homestyle-with the ground mirepoix left in)
Any Type of good cheesecake
I have more, but thats all I could think of right now.
Another Day, Another Battle.
Don't Ride A Boat Without A Paddle.
If The Water Is Not Too Deep,
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Another Day, Another Battle.
Don't Ride A Boat Without A Paddle.
If The Water Is Not Too Deep,
Take A Little Swim But Don't Fall Asleep!
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Fingerlings with chanterelles
Porcini Risotto
Rapini with romano, anchovies, pepperocinis, and orechetta
Pecan icebox know the crisp buttery ones that have a butterscotch overtone
Valharona fudge sauce
Truffles/truffle honey/truffle oil
Bitter greens sauteed with lamb sausages
Soft shelled crabs with lumb crab meurnire
Gorganzolla, Triple Creme, Shropshire, Gouda (old, old Gouda) Parmesan Reggiano, Stilton
Bagettes/Ciabatta/pumpernickle/Calamata Loaves with the pits thrown in the fire.
Chocolate covered raspberries
Really good French roast or chickory coffee
Fresh Veggies that keep their integrity and flavor.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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hello, im new here, and im no cook either :rolleyes: still i'd like to post my top 10 fave foods, they're quite ordinary though..:roll: here it goes..

spaghetti, spaghetti, and pasta dishes
shrimps and crabs
all types of CAKES
Brownies, Breads and Cookies
Unripe Mango with Shrimp Paste
Perfect Arroz Caldo
Dried Squid with Garlic Rice
Sauteed Green String Beans
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Welcome Pikachu.

Roast dinners
Yorkshire Pudding
Bread and butter Pudding
Prawn cocktails.
Weiner Schnitzel made properly
Potato Salad warm and made my way
Mung bean sprouts
Iceburg lettuce
Beef olives made properly
Mussells - I love cooking them but don't eat them
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For a guy pretty much in the middle of the country, you really go for the fresh seafood.

Tell me- where do you find the fresh octopus in Missouri? I don't remember any in the Quivre River up by Troy, where I fished with my grandfather as a kid. Lotta catfish, no octopus. ;)

I lived on Puget Sound in Seattle for several years, and did skin-diving all that time. About three years into my diving, Jacques Cousteau put in with the Calypso. He announced, on local TV, that he was particularly pleased to visit Seattle, and dive in Puget Sound, since THE LARGEST OCTOPUSES IN THE WORLD LIVED IN PUGET SOUND. :eek:

I asked my neighbors who had taught me skin diving, why they had never mentioned that to me. :confused:

Actually, octopuses are not aggressive, but hugely shy. They will flee from a diver and insert themselves into crevices between rocks where they can't be reached. A lot of divers are arrested every year for "bluestoning" octopuses. They thrust a cloth bag filled with copper sulphate on the end of a pole into the crevice where they have observed an octopus hide, and this forces the octopus out, since they can't stand that chemical. They then become octopus chowder. The divers, if apprehended, become jailbait.

I never figured out how they apprehended these divers, but the papers reported several arrests each year.

Anyway, you might try that in the Mississipi, and see what turns up!

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Favourites eh, well here we go:

- Vareniky (perogies) - potato/cottage cheese filling
- Holubsti (cabbage rolls) - rice or buckwheat, bacon and onion filling
- Kovbasa (sausage) - Ukrainian garlic sausage
- Borchsh (beet and vegetable soup) - many variations, both hot and cold
- Roast poultry - roasted with some spice and herbs, served with a simple gravy
- Fresh-caught trout - baked or pan-fried, served with a simple lemon aioli
- Country ham - served with spicy mustard
- Cucumber salad - just cucumbers, vinegar, salt and sugar, sour cream and a bit of dill - great side dish for those family feasts
- Raspberry soup - just raspberries, cream, sugar, and a touch of lemon - served with white sourdough bread, simple yet nice dessert
- Rib eye steak - grilled with salt and plenty of pepper, med-rare or medium, with an ice cold beer to wash it down
- Bacon and eggs (white just set, runny yolk), some sourdough bread toast to mop up the grease and egg
- Barbeque - we're talking smoked pork ribs, pork shoulder, beef brisket, some barbeque sauce on the side, and lots of very cold beer
- Burgers and hot dogs - yes, simple, low class fare, but reminds me of the worry-free days of summer (washed down with yet more beer)

It's funny, I'm surrounded by all sorts of exotic luxury ingredients on a daily basis (I probably taste truffle everyday), yet the stuff I crave is super simple, just good down to earth food.
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N.Y. Strip
Seafood stews/Bouillabaisse,cioppino
Pork Picadillo and Cheese Chiles Rellenos W/handmade soft corn tortillas
Braised Shanks/Lamb or Veal
Fresh caught Fried lake perch
Oysters on the half shell with a vodka rocks back
Nueske's Bacon,WI Cheese, Johnsonville Brats-Cheeseland stuff counts as one :lol:
Smoked spare ribs

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If you read the dates you may notice this thread started 6 years ago....reading back over it my choices then would be similar now.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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I eat plain food, so my list will be boring.....

1.cheesecake-it is a food group, isn't it?
2. a rare rib-eye steak
3. prime rib-cooked in salt crust-rare
4. homemade biscuits (made with soft white winter wheat flour-nothing else) and lots of butter
5. real hungarian goulash with a big dumpling in the middle (there's a place in Munich that makes a killer goulash)
6. real British fish & chips (I eat this once a day, every day I'm in the U.K. :) )
7. pork barbecue with a vineagar based sauce (where I'm from it isn't called "pulled pork" it is just "barbecue")
8. a really good knish (I hope I spelled that right)
9. my homemade doughnuts
10. raw spinich
oh, I must add #11
11. really dark, bittersweet chocolate
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Food that make my eyes roll back in my head

Prime rib
Jasmine iced tea, extremely refreshing
Thai food, namely Gang Panang (red curry, coconut milk with chicken pork or beef)
Chinese won ton soup
My wifes chicken soup.
Corn on the cob
My moms rice pudding
Oddly enough, plain steamed sticky rice

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I'm going to try to limit mine to non-prepared foods, though it's gonna be hard...

shiitake mushrooms
salmon roe
razor clams
lotus root
rainier cherries
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Top ten favorites -- only ten?

1. Warm bread fresh from the oven slathered with butter
2. Perfecty grilled T-bone with blue cheese
3. Root beer floats
4. Mom's meatloaf
5. Macronni & cheese (from scratch, of course)
6. Thanksgiving turkey
7. Fresh from the garden tomatoes
8. Cherries jubilee
9. Steamed blue crabs and/or crayfish
10. Cold, sweet watermelon

Getting hungry just thinking about it :D
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-Dense German rye breads
-Indonesian Coffees
-all kinds of oats
-grilled salmon
-raw fish
-prosciuttos and jamons
-comte cheese
-all kinds of good quality tea ;)
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