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This is why you're fat....

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Today, one of my buddies who is vegetarian sent me this link: This is why you're fat.

I think it was more of a mass emailing to her other vegetarian/vegan buddies, with some choice words about middle america (which I thought was very unfair) but whatever. I am far from vegetarian so I just took her comments with a grain of salt.

Anyway, I thought I would check out all the fuss over this website. And while I was certain I would find some anti-meat ammunition for vegetarians...I never thought I would FALL IN LOVE!!!!!

Maybe the site was intended to discourage people from eating some of these dishes....but HOLY CRAP! If you are NOT a vegetarian, check out the site and honestly tell me if there wasn't a single dish that made you salivate just a little.

I don't necessarily expect you to love the idea of a deep-fried battered cheeseburger on a stick....but aren't even a LITTLE curious about the Strasburg Pie??? (foie gras and bacon in a pastry). I don't expect you to want the tamale on a hot dog bun with jalepenos....but you aren't even a LITTLE tempted by the monte cristo, the carne asada fries, or the chicken and waffles?

Yes, health is a serious issue in this country. But can't we agree that even if we never partake of some of these dishes that the very immoral nature of some of these dish combinations is exactly what entices our basest and purest of animal instincts... to sup on high calorie prey so to speak? God would destroy many of these unnatural monstrosities, just for their mere existence....and yet, I wonder.........:lips:
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I looked at the link.

I was looking forward to some decent vegetarian recipes.

I did salivate though.:D
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I dunno, but I really love pastrami sandwiches. Pastrami on rye with chopped liver. That's my favorite sandwich.
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Would this be food porn? I don't know if I can handle such complex combinations of things that don't belong together. A quadruple cheeseburger with chocolate and sprinkles??? I don't think so. On the other hand I'm quite intrigued by hot dogs wrapped in cheese and egg roll wrappers and then deep fried. Or how about tempura fried cheesecake I bet that's worth a try. But the winner for me and what I probably would try is chicken fried bacon :roll:

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Magic Pan Restaurants had a similar item on the kids menu. It was a hotdog, split in half lengthwise, stuffed with a piece of cheese (American, cut from the block, not pre sliced....), wrapped in a crepe and then deepfried. Dang they were tasty but not so good for ya.;) I will make something similar for the DD....It's wrapped in a 6" tortilla with some crumbled bacon, sprayed with a bit of food release and then grilled on a flat-top or in a pan. She loves'em too :cool:

I like the idea of an egg roll wrapper.....but we don't deep fry anything around here.:D
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Some of that stuff looked great, and some of it just kind of dumb (this coming from a devote carnivore) such as the bacon crust pizza with bacon. Overall though, that site made me hungary and I just ate!
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yeah im a pastrami fan too...had one yesterday with mustard and pickles...but if you have to ask me people are fat because they let the food sit...not active, lazy, and dont eat moderately...but that just me
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Chicken and waffles

I worked in a place through highschool and when I first began college, the one house staple that never changed and never missed the menu when the seasons changed was the chicken and waffles. they had been serving it for 75 years at that location and I have to say that I thought it was an abomination until I tried it. the open face hot sandwich style dish with a much prettier presentation was absolutely awesome.
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im a fan of

lardz - deep fried lard balls topped with sugar

carb casserole - layers of pizza, mole sauce, chesse, onions, mashed potatos, egg noodles and stove top stuffing.

i would have added some chicken gravy!

bacon chocolate cake - lol

kentucky nachos - potato chips, pulled pork, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, fried peppers and onions

Hawaiian Meatloaf Sandwich
Meatloaf with macaroni salad, gravy, and pineapple on a bun.

Breakfast Sushi

Bacon, egg, hash browns and rice rolled into sushi.

The Bacone
A bacon cone filled with scrambled eggs and country gravy topped with a biscuit.
Carne Asada Fries
French Fries topped with carne asada beef, guacamole, sour cream, and melted cheese.

Chicken Fried Steak Omelet
Egg omelet filled with hash browns, shredded cheddar cheese, chunks of chicken-fried steak, and smothered in sausage gravy.


Hot Beef Sundae

got a pic for this one... lmao!!!

Bacon Cinnamon Roll

this is a pretty awesome website
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Ok I know this may sound bad but some of those dishes did look some of the burgers...and before you think Im fat im not...but Im not skinny...i work out...i think ppl are fat because they dont take proportions into considerations...and ppl can be lazy...Im just saying...
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I have made the Ditch Dogs before, they are pretty good but I can't eat more then 1. That is a hot dog on a bun topped with marconi and cheese.
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im kind of mad i haven't thought of some of these dishes
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lol chalkdust
Seafood Master
Seafood Master
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I have to tell you, there isn't a single thing on that page that I wouldn't want to try at least once.

And now I'm hungry!

Since you got me started on food porn, check out my latest pizza photo.

Pizza |

Click on the pizza, then when the big image comes up, click on it again.

Sorry, I have to go downstairs and cook something. Anything. Maybe some bacon and anything. Or cavetelli with mushrooms and broccoli and garlic oil. :)

OK. Now I'm really hungry.

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I got hungry when I clicked the link!:)) There's nothing wrong eating those kinds of food as long as you eat them moderately. I love eating Pizza, bacon, pancakes and those kind of food that are on the site but I balance it with exercise. Watch your diet. You don't want to blame yourself in the future if you had heart problems or something, right?:)
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I haven't been to the site in a long while, but it looks like they added more pics. I don't think the first page had anything that I would want to try either, but if you click the "NEXT" button at the bottom of the page, there are tons more photos for you to consider.
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just plain shut the front door!:crazy:

I just gained 17 lbs and that was only looking at the link:(

I could jump into that page and eat up everything, but then, "I'd" be fat.
And so far, that's a NTYP............................:confused:
...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
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