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Healthy recipes

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I work with adults who are on a lot of medications. In classes we mainly look to make recipes we enjoy more healthy. I've found it's easy to locate the sodium & sugars in the recipes but difficult at times to remove it without losing the flavor.
I've found that processed foods that have taken sugar out add more sale and the reverse. What herbs or changes do you rely on to make a recipe healthier?

I feel it's important to eat healthy especially for those who take medications daily. Many of who cook 1 or 2 serving meals are buying processed, packaged foods. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.

There are many champions of healthy eating on this site, including me! If you re-post your question in the Recipe part of the forum, I am sure that you will be inundated with suggestions.

You're right about the processed food industry - when they cut the salt, they almost certainly increase the sugars (or worse... substitute it with syrup) and vice versa.

I eat very little processed foods and buy only organic meats - that way, I feel I am more in control of what I eat!
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