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The Le Bernardin episode  

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Carla, first of all let me say I was really rooting for you this season! Loved your big, open personality from the getgo, and as the season progressed came to believe that you deserved to win on your own merits. Was so sorry it didn't work out that way.

But to my question: as a viewer, it seemed that at Le Bernardin you had one of the most complex dishes and that you totally nailed it. Stefan, who won, also did very well, but he also had the easiest dish. Me and others in my online food forum discussed that outcome and wondered if Eric simply chose Stefan because the prize was a hanging-out-with-Eric weekend thing and he decided that he'd rather have a European male for company. Did you feel as robbed as we thought you were on this one?
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First off, let me thank you and your fellow bloggers for the vote of confidence. I appreciate it. It crossed my mind, and I would be lying if I said I didn't think I was going to win that challenge. That being said, Stefan executed his dish beautifully. In any discipline, when someone does something really well it appears easy. That's the beauty of watching someone "do what they do." Nothing on the menu at Le Bernardin is without its complexities. It all looked simple and clean, but all the dishes had their subtle nuances (especially in the sauces and garnishes.)
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