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I’m sure that you hear from a good deal of people that you were their favorite on last season’s Top Chef. I’ll join that crowd.

Since I have a catering back ground and I happen to be a girl from the South I was rooting for you from the get-go.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that you never shied away from whipping out some pastry skills and offering up dessert when other competitors seemed to be afraid to go there at all.

From your website I see that you have a collection of cookies, cookies are all about the love. Pastry seems to intimidate so many chefs and caterers, which often leads to heavy reliance on mass produced cheese cakes and glorified brownies with the occasional crème brulee.

What is your “pastry philosophy” and how do you integrate that into your business?
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I love a great dessert, and so often I will have a great...no FANTASTIC!...meal at a restaurant and be sorely disappointed in the dessert. Baking is an ART, and I am in no means a pastry chef. However, there are things I like to bake and do well. I'm also willing to try baking new things.

We use European style butter (46% butterfat), high quality organic flour and sugar (yes, it makes a difference), great chocolate and other great ingredients. I'm also very meticulous about the texture of our pastries (temperature makes a difference.) I stick to things I like and do well. The latest for the summer...ice cream sandwiches with our petite cookies.
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