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Palm Sugar

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This stuff is delicious!
Not too sweet at all.
I'm amazed this stuff isn't an ingredient in every health food snack.
Does anyone else have a jar in their pantry too?

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Aye, I do. I use it sometimes when making Thai food. Good stuff.
Not in a jar, though. More like a cow patty.
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Wow they messed up the French translation (it says "Maple sugar"). :rolleyes:

I use Palm sugar for Thai cooking. It's great for recipes where it's going to be melted in some sort of sauce, I can just drop bits in the sauce and heat it - but I hate it when I have to grate the lumps. Takes forever!

I've never seen it in a jar - is that a powder inside? Doesn't it cake?
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Yes, I have it at home, both the hard cake form and the soft jarred form. I tend to ignore the cake though; it's much easier just to spoon out what I need from the jar, plus from a trip to Thailand, I learned to drag a spoonful around a sauce's perimeter in the wok in order to add melted sweetness to Thai curry.

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