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Wow. Something so intimate your shared with us!

If I have it right (and I have a lot to learn), when you have somebody in your life you are so in love with, to an outside audience it can seem to them like an act; like young kids on the first date--even if it has been nearly ten years. . .

Will you care to share about your significant other? It seems like you both have something rare and wonderful that most probably don't quite get.

How much of an inspiration was he on your progress to becoming a finalist?
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I believe that I have something quite special with my husband. I've only been married 3 years, and although we married after dating for 9 months, it took me two weeks to know he was THE ONE. He says he know when we first met. Three years prior, I consciously worked on becoming the person "I" would want to meet.

Matthew was a huge inspiration to me while I was away/sequestered. We physically spoke only 2 times. When I missed him, I channeled that energy to ground myself. I would have periodic "pretend" conversations. When I returned home, he said he was doing the same thing. Awwwwwww!

Before going on the show, Matthew and I discussed what could happen to our lives; although I was just hoping not to be the first one kicked off. Sorry, but it's true. I was told not to share anything with him about the show, so he found out about the finals just before everyone else. The conversations about how our lives would change started to get more serious. He's been truly supportive and patient since the show. He has the patience of JOB...well most of the time. He's allowed to get cranky sometimes. It's expected.
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