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Stone Barns, Blue Hill  

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What a gorgeous place! We just had the good fortune to visit Sleepy Hollow and spend a few hours poking around, talking to staff and eating dinner.

How much time did you guys get to spend on the farm?

Was there anything they were raising that was unusual?

did you get to try Dan Barber's food?
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Yes, the farm was gorgeous. We spent a full day there - part of the time with the farmers responsible for our protein, and the other time cooking. FABULOUS kitchen. No, we didn't get to eat Dan Barber's food. Since I was one of the winners of that challenge (along with Stefan and Jamie), I did win a trip back to his restaurant. I haven't been yet.
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Hi, Carla!

It's Warren from Sur La Table!  My neighbor in Harpers Ferry, Neal, was invited by Dan Barber to visit Stone Barns for dinner as he was supplying the restaurant with pawpaw fruit.  Neal thought I should come along after I told him about the restaurant's exemplary reputation in "slow food"/locavore circles.  One of these days we'll do it.

Meanwhile, we all miss you and hope you'll come by to visit us.

Big hugs!
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