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Secrets of Pastry?  

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Carla, like everyone else is saying here, you were my favorite. Watching the reruns yesterday again made me teary at the end. I sat here and watched the finale and screamed at the TV "NO! Don't change your menu!" but you didn't hear me. :suprise: But lady, to be sure, you were the winner. You proved how to compete with love. Thank you for that.

Now my question. What is your secret to making crusts? You got lots of accolades for desserts you made, so you must have a wonderful secret to share. :lol:

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This is the crust recipe I use...

1/3 cup water
1 tsp salt
1 tbs sugar

2 cups (or 11oz) a/p flour
8 oz butter, cut into small pieces

1. dissolve salt and sugar in water. chill.
2. in kitchen aide mixer, cut butter into flour with paddle attachment just until the butter is broken up in smaller pea-size pieces.
3. add the water mixture all at once with the mixer running. continue to mix until the dough comes together. voila! done. take it out of the bowl and divide it into 2 discs. chill.

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